Ken Kelash is running for County Commissioner

The most frequently asked question Ken gets is – “why aren’t you in the Senate anymore?  You did a good job there.”

That’s true.  And as the State Senator from Southwest Minneapolis, Ken worked many times with Hennepin County Commissioners.  He grew to understand the challenges of managing the County and enjoyed collaborating with County officials.

The issues facing the County as we look forward – be they in population growth, transit, housing, economic development, and much much more – are complex and intriguing.  In the Senate Ken enjoyed significant success solving some of these concerns.

The answer to the question is – the redistricting of 2012 put Ken in the same Senate District as Senator Scott Dibble.  Respecting Scott’s Senate seniority and the terrific job he has done for the people of Minnesota in that role, Ken chose not to challenge Scott for the DFL endorsement.

But with your support, he will continue his public service on the County Board bringing along all of the knowledge he gained in the Senate.

Vision for Leadership

The Metro area will grow in population by as many as 750,000  new residents in the next 30 years.  We must:

  • Upgrade our transportation systems,
  • Promote housing options to accommodate all income levels,
  • Maintain HCMC as the best trauma center in Minnesota, and
  • Increase our green space options so that the all Hennepin County residents may sustainably use our parks and trails.

We will not achieve these goals unless we begin NOW to plan for these changes.

Ken’s priority will be to increase capacity of Hennepin County to enhance the quality of life for our current residents while preparing for a significantly expanded population.